Friday, May 18, 2007

Leaving Drinks

It’s my leaving do tonight, and I’m apprehensively looking forward to it. In one way, going out drinking is always good, but I tend to get drunk very quickly and then lose control of my mouth, and good judgement.

At the very least I should have a decent Blog post come Monday.

Plus it will be nice to see how very popular I am at work. Since I handed in my notice, all I’ve been getting off everybody is “how are we going to cope without you”, I mean who is going to go on Pasty Run’s and change Light Bulb’s? These and many other mundane jobs are part of an IT Managers responsibility.

So if anyone reading this has nothing else on, you are more than welcome to join me @ Brendan O’Donnells Irish Pub on Castle Street, Douglas, Isle of Man from 5.00pm onwards.

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