Saturday, May 12, 2007

Maybe we are Aliens?

Was on my favourite no.21 scum bus this morning, in order to block out the non-stop "fucking", "cunting", "wankering" and conversations on the "taste" of blow-jobs by the local 10 and 11 year olds I let my mind wander onto other things.

Life heh? What's it all about? I got thinking about us, not me personally but us, humans, mankind (and not the dodgy fat boy WWF bloke) . What the hell are we doing to this planet? Just by our actions to date we deserve nothing more than extinction, we don't fit in here at all.

Lets startwith the environment, the environment changes, that's what it does. However evolution dictates that the animals adapt, change, hell we evolve to suite the environment around us. Not humans though, we in a unique style all of our own change the environment to suite ourselves. We don't like hills, flatten them! We need more water, flood everything in site. I bet the Dolphins and Monkeys didn't have a word for "destruction" until we came along. There are obviously much grander examples of how we alter the environment for our own gains, we ALL know about them.

Secondly, our children. Animals have this sort of automatic population control. Where the environment and cirumstances can not support a large population 2 things happen, the mortality rate increases and the birth rate drops. Animals start to think "Fuck me, I can't feed myself let alone a family, best not knock out any more kids then". Humans on the other hand seem to go the other way, there's no food so lets fuck like bunnies. Never mind how we feed, shelter, nurture them, that's somebody elses problem isn't it? Not only that but boredom is a viable excuse for it, are we all mental? Going back to the no.21 bus, a large percentage of those kids were born to (single) parents who have no way of supporting themselves let alone the kids they've unleashed on us all. We'll all make sure that they have a way and means to survive, no matter how much their own disregard for themselves and their kids. Our collective social consience wouldn't let it be any other way, the human race isn't about survival, it's about growth at any cost and that just doesn't sit with anything else on this planet. Well, other than one , bacteria, bacteria consumes it's host at all costs, eventualy bringing about the death of itself. So what are we, bacteria or aliens? Or alien bacteria?

Just a thought.

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