Friday, July 20, 2007

Is my Grandad right?

And so the failed terrorists turned out to be doctors. It didn't suprise my Grandad - who blames the doctor at our local hospital for the botched operation on his knee. If they can't fix a tendon or two what chance have they got of sparking a couple of wires together?

Perhaps they're all terrorists - and just out to get us one operation at a time . . .

Terrorist. The clue is in the word, huh. To create terror - Cause fear and anxiety with violence or the threat of violence. Not horrorists, or scaredisists. And particularly not Ridiculasists - as the recent inept attempts to terrosise are just ridiculous.

And I'm glad the Muslim community came out in a 'Not in our name' press release. Tho it's hard for anyone to relate as Muslim communities are quite insular. It'd be nice if they hosted Fete's or had a lottery or something (though I'm a little sure that gambling is a no-no in the Koran - so perhaps a lottery where everyone wins)

It was all much better when I was a young copper in London. The IRA knocking about with their terror threats and sometime bombings. All very civilised, with a telphone warning (sometimes) to get people out of the way so the bomb can be filmed whilst going off. And at least you could have a pint with the Paddies - and however angry they were (at whatever it was) they soon mellowed out after three guinesses and try to sell you roof tiles or tell you to get the round in.

Of course, all that IRA nonsense soon disappeared with the 9/11 World Trade Center strike. America couldn't quite justify a 'war on terror' whilst funding terrorists themselves, huh. Yay for Georgie Bush!

And so, in conclusion, I would like to say Hooray for not killing anyone because of your beliefs!

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