Monday, July 23, 2007

Lion vs Tiger, who would win?

I'm not talking about a girly Lion, but one of those big buggers with all the fuzz around their head. When it comes down to size I think the Tiger wins, I'm sure I read somewhere once that Tigers are the largest of the large cats. However from what I've seen on the Discovery channel Lions look stockier and probably heavier? So they get it on, plenty of swinging of claws, the big teeth come into play, fur flying in all directions, but who wins? My money is on the Lion, you see cats are programmed to go for the throat, lets say for arguments sake that the Tiger gets a grip of the Lion first. Surely that's got to be like going down on a particularly hirsute french lady, 2 minutes later and he's going to be chewing on a hairball the size of a cushion. The Tiger chokes, Mr Lion springs up and rips his throat out. That's the way I see it going down anyway.

Surely somebody must have thought of this before, why can't our Zoo's do something interesting like arange Lion vs Tiger fights, that's something I'd pay to see.

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