Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sky TV - Advance Notice Of Changes To Your Subscription Payment

Looks like Sky are on the rob again, I got a letter this week letting me know of another rise in subscription fees. Things go up, inflation, shit happens, what you going to do? It's not the increase that pisses me off but the justification behind it.

FREE UK weekend and evening Phone Calls

FREE Broadband

Sky Anytime access over PC

More Live Football

Living on the Isle of Man we get exactly the same subcription charges without any of the fucking benefits. Free phone calls, no can do. Free broadband, no chance. Sky Anytime, sure you can watch Sky on your PC, but you'll need an extra £30 a month broadband subscription AND hope that you don't live in an area with high contention ratios to enjoy it. As for the extra games, who has the time? The only chance most of us married blokes get to watch the football is on the weekend, and they're still not showing any Saturday afternoon games.

I phoned Sky and asked for my free broadband, and was promptly told by the lovely Asian lady in the scripted call centre that I could have it if I could get a BT phone line installed. She was determined that BT have an exhange in my area (her system said so) and that I'd be good to go, all I needed to do was call BT. I didn't, because they'd laugh at me and think I was mental, instead I phoned a different Sky number and got through to the Scottish call centre. A 10 minute rant to a foxy sounding Scottish chick with all the usual "I don't want sky anymore" threats and it's a heavily discounted full HD package for 3 months. Not my best effort with Sky but it will do for now. Full marks to the second girl who answered my call as well, excellent customer service with a bit of flirting thrown in.

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