Wednesday, September 26, 2007

*cough cough*

The trick to taking tomorrow off work (and rolling the one day into two and having the friday off too - therefore allowing yourself a four day weekend) is to start with the symptoms today.

Start coughing at your desk. Take extended breaks in the loo. Splash cold water on your face to give you the pale look and squirt lemon juice in your eyes to get them red and streaming. Because tomorrow the internet will be switched off with the launch of Halo 3.

And believe me - virtually every red blooded male with an X-Box and opposable thumbs will be sat in front of their fave gaming TV and hooked into their life support machine whilst they save the future world from alien scum. Yay.

My office buddy has taken a few days off prior to the release - just to get everything perfect for the 36 hour non-stop carnage that will ensue.

Halo 3. The real world will pause so the future world can be saved. Again with the 'yays'.

1 comment:

PaulB said...

It only took me 5 hours to save the world, but what a 5 hours. Best. Game. Ever.

I can hold back from the multi-player so it's back to work tomorrow.