Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Johnny M's Party Bash

Saturday night - Johhny M's 40th Birthday celebre's and drinks (around at his mansion) was an excellent event. Alcohmofol flowed like the proverbial Dhoo & Glas, food laid on and, of course, the Rugby World cup in three separate rooms. It was an excellent game - unfortunate that all points were scored through penalties (says something about a game that you can't win - but that you lose), and each three sides had their moments.

I say three sides, cos we can all agree that the Irish ran away with the Ellis Web Rugger world cup. The Sooth Africaan haircare boys played the Engerlund monobrows - but it was the Oirish fellah with the whistle and ridiculous penalty rewards that really won the day.

Bitter? Me?? I just have to face the biggest lug of an SA blicksum this weekend and grit my teeth as he explains where they won the game.

The party got back into the swing of things after the match. With lots of yon English over to entertain us with their strange customs and ways. But the falling down water got the best of all of us in the end - and we left the estate (camped in the 'West Wing' for most of the night) in a fairly decent state at 3 in the morning.

So cheers, JM, for the party. cya in the next ten years.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Latest Invention

God knows if it's out there or not.

It's a geared Screw Driver. So one turn of the handle results in 3 turns of the end?

Eh! good idea or what.

As for this weekend, it's out with a couple of the lads straight from work, and then tomorrow night it's round of the other lads houses for a House Warming/40th/ England Rugby Watching Party.

Lots and lots to drink.... most excellent

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

your mum!

Right, you sometime readers, wannabe cyber-buddies, and stalkers of Manx Lads - I have a favour to ask of the lot of you.

I want, nay, I need to win a competition that's currently being hosted over at the Joe Abercrombie website. Joe Abercrombie is the author of an excellent series (well, two, coming into the third) of books called 'The First Law'. He, along with another groovy writer (Richard Morgan) are leading the resurgent talent of brit-lit fantasy 'n' Sciency fiction - taking up the call from the old wolves (Simon R Green and David Gemmell).

Curiously, the competition does not allow for multiple entries. And whilst I could (ummm, and prolly will) set up 1001 gmail accounts to enter under craftily thought up pseudonyms (Udy Hall, Ady Hell and arseface already in the works) - what would smack of authenticity is if you guys and gals emailed in as well.

The rules, if you're too lazy to click over to the site to have a look, are that you:
1) Email yer man at 'comp[at]joeabercrombie[dot]com' (replacing the [at] and [dot] with the relevant symbols.
2) Give your name and email address ('natch).
3) Complete the sentence "I deserve a proof of Last Argument of Kings because ..."

It's a monthly draw over the next three months. Seems that he'll accept any old tat as an answer for ther first two months. But the December month he'll be plumbing for the wittiest/scariest/sexiest completion of the quote.

And here's the thing, right. Here's what I want you lot to do. I want you to give the book to me! Yay. Then everyone's a winner. I want the book, y'see, which is not due for release Marchish 2008 (and may as well be forever if you're asking me to wait for something. Instant Gratification isn't just a tattoo, y'know, it's a highly revered 2-word philosophy).

So. For me. Will you do this thing? Cos I'll only be banging on about it until I get my way . . .


Monday, October 15, 2007

Long time no Post & Bad Knees

I haven’t posted for donkey’s, through a mixture of too busy at work, apathy or nothing to say.

But I must add my congrats to the English Rugby Team on getting to the Finals. I actually had them down not to get out of the Group stages, but they’ve only gone and done it. Well done lads, just one more effort.

Anywho, we’re all going round to a mates house to watch it, well technically it’s his 40th/house warming, but the Rugby seems to have hi-jacked the evening.

Also, I’ve had a dodgy knee for some time, I was even told to get it x-ray sometime last year. Well I eventually went for the x-ray last Monday and it appears that I have Osteoarthritis in my right knee. It has been throbbing for a couple of years now and I’ve just put it down to old age, but now I’ve been actually been told what is wrong, it suddenly feels worse……

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blatant Plug

I'm going to be really busy tomorrow putting the full Internet marketing might of my online empire behind the new software I've been working on. Seeing as how I'm going to be running around like a blue-arsed fly I thought I'd get this plug out of the way early.

So the software is called ICU which is a play on an Insight into your Children's Unaccompanied activity. In short it allows you to see exactly what your kids have been using the computer for, both online and offline. It does this in a non obtrusive way, it's not about blocking what they can and can't do but rather it's about just seeing what they have been doing so that you can react however you like. The whole thing came about because of the boom in social networking websites, I've got an 11 year old daughter and whilst I keep an eye on her what I was finding on some of her friends profiles was shocking to say the least! Anyone who lets their 10,11,12 year old child call themselves SuperSexy96 and run polls on "what would you like to do to me?" needs their head read! The only reason I could think of for this is because they have no idea what their kids are doing? It's been written with the average non techy parent in mind, hopefully it's just about as easy to use a program as you're going to find. You install it, decide which users you want to monitor, set an interval to capture activity and then you're emailed activity reports to look at. That's all there is to it. For anyone interested the cheapest competing software is at least twice the price (some going to over £70) but you can get ICU for a measly £12.99, or even for free if you're prepared to accept an offer from one of our many advertising partners.

The official release isn't until tomorrow (Monday 8th October) but the website is active now if you browse to ICU Free Trial or Buy ICU

ps If anybody wants to help spread the word by letting any friends with kids know it would be much appreciated!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Not The Nine o'clock News

Diana The Cum Guzzling Doe Eyed Slut
Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off,
fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off,
fuck off, fuck off, fuck off!

10 Year Old Breaks His Leg On The Side of Steven Gerrards Car
Or in a world where footballers are not immune to critisism, Steven Gerrard (the Liverpool and England footballer whose every other word is eeeerrrrrrrr) runs over a 10 year old and still comes out smelling of roses, good work Stevie G!

Tories Amazing Budget Plans
Genius, make people who earn a lot of money and keep some of it offshore pay so that everybody else can enjoy tax cuts. Cue lots of people who earn £100,000+ leaving the UK to either go home or move offshore completely. The UK loses out on the taxes these people pay at the moment as well as the employment opportunites they bring. On the other hand it makes the middle classes feel better now that they are the new rich. If brains were dynamite they wouldn't have enough to blow their hats off.