Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blatant Plug

I'm going to be really busy tomorrow putting the full Internet marketing might of my online empire behind the new software I've been working on. Seeing as how I'm going to be running around like a blue-arsed fly I thought I'd get this plug out of the way early.

So the software is called ICU which is a play on an Insight into your Children's Unaccompanied activity. In short it allows you to see exactly what your kids have been using the computer for, both online and offline. It does this in a non obtrusive way, it's not about blocking what they can and can't do but rather it's about just seeing what they have been doing so that you can react however you like. The whole thing came about because of the boom in social networking websites, I've got an 11 year old daughter and whilst I keep an eye on her what I was finding on some of her friends profiles was shocking to say the least! Anyone who lets their 10,11,12 year old child call themselves SuperSexy96 and run polls on "what would you like to do to me?" needs their head read! The only reason I could think of for this is because they have no idea what their kids are doing? It's been written with the average non techy parent in mind, hopefully it's just about as easy to use a program as you're going to find. You install it, decide which users you want to monitor, set an interval to capture activity and then you're emailed activity reports to look at. That's all there is to it. For anyone interested the cheapest competing software is at least twice the price (some going to over £70) but you can get ICU for a measly £12.99, or even for free if you're prepared to accept an offer from one of our many advertising partners.

The official release isn't until tomorrow (Monday 8th October) but the website is active now if you browse to ICU Free Trial or Buy ICU

ps If anybody wants to help spread the word by letting any friends with kids know it would be much appreciated!

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