Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Johnny M's Party Bash

Saturday night - Johhny M's 40th Birthday celebre's and drinks (around at his mansion) was an excellent event. Alcohmofol flowed like the proverbial Dhoo & Glas, food laid on and, of course, the Rugby World cup in three separate rooms. It was an excellent game - unfortunate that all points were scored through penalties (says something about a game that you can't win - but that you lose), and each three sides had their moments.

I say three sides, cos we can all agree that the Irish ran away with the Ellis Web Rugger world cup. The Sooth Africaan haircare boys played the Engerlund monobrows - but it was the Oirish fellah with the whistle and ridiculous penalty rewards that really won the day.

Bitter? Me?? I just have to face the biggest lug of an SA blicksum this weekend and grit my teeth as he explains where they won the game.

The party got back into the swing of things after the match. With lots of yon English over to entertain us with their strange customs and ways. But the falling down water got the best of all of us in the end - and we left the estate (camped in the 'West Wing' for most of the night) in a fairly decent state at 3 in the morning.

So cheers, JM, for the party. cya in the next ten years.

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