Thursday, November 08, 2007

Reason 4,158,965 Why I Hate The IOM Civil Service

Have a look at this job advert and see if you can spot what they actually want:-

Give up? What they are actually looking to do is give the current HR Director (Lesley Keenan) a great big pay rise. You see that post used to exist but after a very expensive review the post was not seen as neceserry (after all the Chief Exec gets paid mega bucks and has a large support department as it is). The bloke doing the deputy job was quitely moved of to another government department and that role was gone.

It looks like now they are bringing it back, which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't entirely written with only 1 person in mind. That £80,000 job description has been written for only 1 person, the current director of HR in the DHSS and it fucking stinks. A department which is pleading poverty giving one if its top earners another big pay rise (with more yearly increments) via the back door.

So reason 4,158,965 why I hate the Isle of Man Civil Service, sneaky bastard job adverts designed to give more money to the already over paid and generally shite management.

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