Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why I hate the Co-op

Fifteen fucking minutes, fif-teen fuck-ing min-utes to buy a pint of milk! What is it about the Co-op that attracts all the weirdos and shit-for-brains? I only wanted some milk whilst I was passing. It was quite, only 1 person in the queue in front of me. I should have trusted my gut instinct (he looked like a bloody mentalist) and walked away but no I hung on in there, turns out he only wanted a top up for his mobile phone. Unfortunatly he only had the wrong amount of cash to pay for it and that he didn't know his mobile number, or really how to use his phone. Cue 5 minutes of fumbling and a 10 minute conversation whilst he phones somebody (presumably another mentalist) to find out what his phone number is. When he finally gets his number the slighly less stupid mentalist that the Co-op seems to specialise in hiring has no idea what to do anyway so has to call for help.

For fucks sake, next time I'll go for a run out into the country and find a cow to milk , it would be quicker.

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CharlieBeth said...

Jez, and thought our Spar was bad!