Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas riddle

Ahhh - I love Christmas. With it's thin tinsel, impatient shoppers and excuse-not-required drinking sessions. Time to dust off the same old jokes (Darth Vader does indeed know what you're getting for Christmas) and buy a new santa hat to lose on the lads Christmas day out.

But can anyone help with the Christmas riddle of the Lockets advert where people and animals fall over. Love it, naturally, as they're short enough for my attention span and quaintly amusing as a Robin sneezes himself off a branch or some bloke skids off his feet onto the pavement. But what the heck does that voice say at the end? It's a yell or a mocking scream or a something-or-other. Anyone have a clue what they're saying?

It bugged me last year. It's gonna bug me this year . . .

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beachsaint said...

Someone posted a similar remark on Yahoo, so I went in search of the ad. I listened to the ad on a link. It sounds like "Yippee" to me, even if it doesn't make any sense. I'm glad I live in the States and don't need to hear it on a regular basis.