Friday, December 07, 2007

Office Christmas Party 2004

When it comes to works Christmas parties I only have 1 rule, go hard or go home, at best I only make a complete and utter twat of myself! So the works xmas do 2004 was another blur to me. I remember being sat on a table with 3 or 4 directors, I can remember drinking wine* like it was fruit juice, I can remember being an obnoxious cunt. On leaving the restaurant it's all limited to tables, dancing, bouncers, arguing, more arguing, a night club and eating chips at some point. I had to face the music in work afterwards but I just pretended that I knew what everybody was talking about and wasn't it all a great laugh, like you do. Those 5 hours were to be lost in my mind forever, or so I thought.

Cue this morning waking up in a cold sweat. I'm not normally somebody who dreams, I'm a very light sleeper but last night I slept like a baby. Unfortunately my mind managed to trawl its way through the entire events of that night back in 2004 as if I was bloody sat in the room. It was like watching myself on video only a 100 times worse. There are few things in life duller than listening to somebody bang on about their dreams so I'll not go into details, all I want to do is apologise to all you boring fuckers that were not as drunk as me. That'll teach you. Seriously though my behaviour that night was shabby.

On to the spooky bit, the only reason I've mentioned this at all, and this is what freaked me out. Yesterday was 3 years to the day of that Christmas party! That's some spooky shit going on, locked away for 3 years and then on the anniversary bang. I normally get flashbacks for a few days afterwards not 3 years later. Is this some type of warning not to get too messy this year? More to the point do I care if it is? Next Wednesday the lads are out for a combined works/lads beer session and with all the best will in the world it will get a little rough around the edges later on. Maybe I should take notice and have a soft drink every now and then, then again that would be a bit gay wouldn't it?

* The fact I was drinking wine is a good indication that I was just a little too shit faced before even turning up, I'm purely a beer man.

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Donna said...

Yes, that would be a bit gay. It's your duty to get drunk, alienate yourself from every one of your colleagues and then post every sordid but hilarious detail on here for us to read.

Don't listen to your stupid sub conscience, it's just trying to ruin your fun.