Monday, December 24, 2007

S. B. E.

School Boy Error.

Silly, silly mistake - trusting an untried website to process an order. Doh.

Drawn to the quirky art of Jeff Thomas - I found a great looking site Azuzephre for the artwork of Jeff Thomas. Looks nice, huh! So I order a bunch of prints, thinking to frame them up as a pressie for the blonde in my life -

- I even forget about the order - made a month ago - until it comes to counting up the stocking fillers. And I find I'm one missing. Ummmmm. Double checking - the order is still pending. Money has been paid thru the paypal account - Numerous emails later - and no response. So, double Doh-eth.

Although sites out there may look good, professionally designed and concepted - you can't trust any but the bigger players.

Anyhoo - Have a groovy little Christmas.

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