Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Get in there

Yes. Oh joyeux noel and 'hoo - yhaaa' . . . may the year continue as it has begun. Because this has started with a blast and exploded like a Jenna Jameson special!

Yeah - new years eve was fun. Around Bev's friends for a hootenanny and traipse around the house to enter the front door. The New Year day was a self indulgent orgy of food, food and more bite sized morsels. Big yums!

And an email from the talented newbie author (joe 'don't misspell my name' Abercrombie) granted me a signed copy of the last in his trilogy (Last argument of Kings: The First Law).

I won't go into the boring, stalker-like details of the answer I ponied up for his comp. And the well natured cheating I organised. But anyhoo - I can get the book with an inscription and stuff. I won't be cancelling my Amazon order - cos I guess I need two copies. yuk yuk!

Gotta think of a good inscription now. Pithy, yet humble. Or just plain Geeky. Bev reckoned I should request something along the lines of 'Dear Ebay purchaser, blah blah blah'. Well, something will come to me . . .

Happy New Year - you screwed up, toked up, told to shut the hell up buncha manx lads.

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