Friday, January 25, 2008

Homeless On The Rock

Some people would accuse me of being a heartless bastard, insensitive, emotionless etc etc . To you fuckers, take note, I spoke to a homeless person on Sunday. Doesn't sound much but there are so few of them around here that it was quite an achievement.

Anyway I was walking up the street Sunday monring, post workout, pre work when I was stopped by some bearded bloke who looked even scruffier than what I normally do. "Are you from here?"..."Yes, you?", "No". After a slow start we had a decent chat about the Isle of Man and how it had changed (having tipped up from London it was more me educating him than anything). Long story short he'd fucked up his life and was now wandering the streets. Now for those of you not in the know the Isle of Man is one of the easiest places in the world to get a job, most people think that in order not to be working over here you are just not wanting to work. As well as that our benefits system is very generous to say the least. Having worked for the DHSS I've seen plenty of what the manx underclass has to offer, especially when it comes to avoiding work. It would have been nice then, after hearing this bloke go on and on about things turning to shit and how he'd love to work if he would have said "well I want to work but can't get a job". No such luck.

When I asked him about going to the DHSS for a start and trying to get some help (see, I tried, the next step would be trying to get back into work) his answer nearly knocked my of my feet. "I can't be bothered". WTF. You can't be bothered going and taking the free money that I'm working on a fucking Sunday to pay taxes to contribute to? You can't be bothered with the hassle of diverting 2 yards from your routine and asking about getting help? But you can be bothered to crack open another can of Carling at 10 in the morning, and you can be bothered to just stand in the street staring at people?

At that point I couldn't be bothered listening to somebody whinge just for the sake of whinging and left him to it. It could be you? Bollocks, if things ever go tits up for me I'll be straight to the DHSS and will make a point of BOTHERING to claim back every last penny of tax and NI I've paid in over the years.

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