Thursday, January 10, 2008

Human Robots

What do you get when you have 18,000 personnel folders, some with 100 pages, that need scanning? Well apart from a decent scanner. I mean how can you open the files, guillotine the pages so they fit in the scanner, scan then to PDF, open the PDF and rename the file according to the contents and move it to the appropriate folder.

Well Data from Star Trek would be excellent. some sort of next Generation Asimo would be the second choice. However, this being a Government Department both of those two are unrealistic. The obviously choice would be some pissed off non motivated temp that would make millions of mistakes and take a year to do the job.

Well no, this place has found a use for those Idiot Savants you find hanging around Rainman sets. Yeah we’ve got our very own one. He took 2 weeks to do 18,000 files. It was fascinating watching him work, he just went at it with total focus, amazing. And I never tired from making him count spilled matches.

If every Gov Department got one, we could half the Civil Service.

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