Friday, January 18, 2008

Shitting Myself

I don't really enjoy scary movies, I can't see the fun in shitting myself up so I try and avoid them where possible. When I do have to watch them I normally do it behind a carefully positioned knee during the worst parts, yeah ok call me a big girls blouse.

Anyway, having recently watched the new Aliens vs Predator movie (which after a slow start is excellent by the way) I decided to see what sort of Alien vs Predator games were out and about. I ended up buying Alien vs Predator 2 for the PC, I had the chance to try it out last night.

So this game is an oldy (originally released in 2001 I think) so the graphics are nothing special by todays standards, but when it comes to atmosphere and game play, I've never jumped so much in my life. I was playing it for what seemed like ages without even shooting anything, yes there was the odd scream as a fellow marine was ripped apart and even the glimpse of somebody being pulled through the ceiling and the dripping blood but there was nothing to shoot. Eventually even the blipping of the motion tracker (everybody remember that from Aliens) became so familiar that I learned to ignore it. Like I say this carried on for what seemed ages until.....fuck me...the mouse has gone in one direction and the keyboard the other. While turning yet another damp corner lit only by my shoulder torch an Alien has leapt out clawing at me complete with movie style sound effects. Jump, I shat myself! I've only played the game through the first level and a bit but I've never jumped so much in my whole life. I think what makes it so bad is that you are concentrating so much staring at the screen that it makes it even worse than a film.

Overall it's brilliant. Forget your fancy schmancy modern graphics, gameplay and atmosphere go a long way. Whatever you do just remember to fire in short controlled bursts (when you've finally picked your mouse up that is).

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