Friday, January 04, 2008

Xbox 360 Crashes and Freezes

I’ve just had about enough of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, they are great when they are working, but over the last couple of weeks, they have been a nightmare.

Firstly, the week before Christmas my 360 developed the notorious “3 Red Rings of Death”. Luckily enough, Microsoft have extended the warranty on all 360’s for 3 years, which meant mine was covered. Thank God. However, getting the local UPS rep to pick it up is another blog post (next day my arse, how about a 2 weeks later and I ended up bring the parcel down to their offices).

Anyhoo, as I had a few Xbox games sorted for Xmas day, I was up shit creak, until one of the Manx Lads lent me their spare. Cheers Mucka.

So Christmas was saved………

Part Two:

Last night the wife was out and so I borrowed Assassin’s Creed off one of the other Manx Lads. I sat down ready for 4 or 5 hours of concentrated game play. As soon as I put the game in, it asked to do an Update, then the credits ran. The Tutorial kicked off and I did the first task, then FREEZE. Oh! Reboot (I work in IT I know how to fix things). The credits ran and then the tutorial froze again. Reboot. This time a couple of seconds in to it, it froze. Then froze and froze and froze….

So I gave up.

Let’s have a go of Halo, BUGGER, now that wont work either. It freezes as well.

So I gave up….. and watch Red Dwarf.

I shall spend my working day looking at the problem on the Internet.


rise2freedom said...

Hi There

Don't give up just yet, help is at hand. See my story, here:

Good Luck, then!

Ady Hall said...

How the hell did this fella find the blog post so quickly? Is there some kind of link back tracking link thingyum set up for back links? Triggered by keywords??

Or just a friendly, neighbourhood spambot that found, entered and posted?? Crikey.

PaulB said...

Sounds like the infamous over heating problem that plagues them, especially if it worked for longer the first time than the second etc etc

Maybe your power supply should have went back as well?