Friday, February 29, 2008

At last - a blog that explains stuff

The internet is a cruel religion created to take procrastination to a higher, almost divine-like form. It promotes the zen-like state of 'tuning out' required of buddhists and Bank telephone staff and marathon self-abuse sessions.

And yet it offers us morsels like the stuff white people like site that just keeps me borderline sane until the 5:30 whistle . Number #75 is particularly poignant - and begs the question of where white Canadians like to dream of emigrating too.

And by the way - LC is a big girls blouse! No, really. First he amuses us with pithy wit and keyboard repartee - then he uses his blog as some kinda sexual lubrication to gain the attention of female bloggers and, in some weird foreplayesque style, flirts with them in coded posts whilst telling us about his big breasted nursey girlfriend and how his hot chick mates are always setting him up with hot psycho chicks, and then cos he isn't getting enough bloggy attention (like winning blogger awards or having his blog made into a book), then he pulls the plug on his blog and deletes the whole lot. Tart.

And he can't even do that right. Leaving a comments section so all the girlies can declare undying lust for him (and he'll no doubt continue leaving unsubtle comments on their blog). Big. Girls. Blouse.

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