Saturday, February 09, 2008

Clinton Bastard Cards

Seeing as how it is the birthday get together tonight of the anonymous one I thought it would be appropriate to go and get a birthday card. What the fuck was I thinking, sorry fella but what sort of an inconsiderate git has his birthday this time of year? If you ask Clinton Bastard Cards I'm sure they'd tell you no one! I'd guess that anyway judging by the complete lack of anything decent birthday'ish in their stupid shop. How many different types of stupid fucking valentines cards does one shop need to stock (don't try and answer that, the calculator that can go that high hasn't been invented yet).

I know I'm not alone with this one either because the one tiny area of their shop that did have birthday cards was so packed there were flustered house wives being carried out on stretchers. So this is my personal plea to Clinton Bastard Cards, yes we all know it's Valentines Day next week, and yes we all know that we're going to be made to feel guilty enough to go and spend £5 on some stupid piece of card shit that ends up in the bin 24 hours later but for fucks sake please also remember that people will be born, celebrate birthdays, get sacked, get new jobs, be christened, get sick and die this time of year as well.

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