Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One Civil Service Breakfast Please

I am a Civil Servant now working for the man and riding the gravy train.

However I am a new Civil Servant and have not quite succumbed to the depths some of them plunge.

The one that really gets me is eating breakfast at their desks in the morning. So what they basically do is, clock in to get their flexi time going and then head to the kitchen and make their porridge or what ever and then sit down at their desk and eat their breakfast whilst surfing the internet.

Cheeky Buggers.

I might start adding the 15/20 mins in take me to eat my breakfast AT HOME on to my flexi. I would start ranting at them but it’s half the buggers in the office, even some of the bosses…


darren said...

Ha, Ha, Nice One !!

All the best


PaulB said...

Assimilate or be destroyed, I can't remember if that was the Borg or the IOM Civil Service.

I suggest bringing a camping stove and starting a fry-up at your desk to see if they get the point. Chances are though they'll just start putting in orders for sausage baps.

Donna said...

Hahaha ... I do that sometimes!! If I run out of time in the mornings what with the school run and all, I take my cereal in, use the milk (provided by work) and eat it ask my desk whilst surfing (I mean - what else would I be doing at work?)