Monday, March 03, 2008

Rambo 4 Review

It's been a long break since the last Rambo film but in terms of the films and the type of action nothing has changed. I think they've called this one John Rambo to try and make the main character a little more human, don't be fooled, this is old school action all the way. If anything this one has more killing.

So John Rambo in brief:

Bunch of god botherers turn up wanting a lift from Rambo's boat taxi into war torn Burma. Rambo says no. Blonde good looking god botherer flutters eye lids so Rambo takes them. They are quickly blown to pieces or captured. Blonde chick survives, que'll suprise. Priest from god botheres church organisers bunch of mercenaries to track down his "flock", they also need a lift from Rambo. Rambo drops mercenaries of (including the most stereotypical gruff ex SAS soldier the screen has ever seen). Rambo kills lots of people. They all rescue surviving god botherers, but most of the goodies get tracked down by the baddies again. Rambo kills even more people, then some more and then a few more for good measure. I'm not sure but I think Rambo wipes out the entire Burmese(?) army almost singly handed. What we learn from all this, Rambo is harder than the SAS. The end.

Good Bits:

I've never been shot but if I was I imagine the sort of bullet damage in John Rambo would be pretty close to life. There are bits flying everywhere.

He doesn't use the usual weapons. Other than a slight slip-up at the beginning where he nails a few people with a pistol Rambo seems to have set himself a goal of killing people using anything other than standard firearms. Hands, a blade, a bow and best of all the heavy fixed machine guns that pop up.

Bad Bits:

The chick doesn't get naked.


Got to go with a 4 out of 5 slices of pizza for this one.

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