Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I think Google is broke, very broke. It seems to be associating us manx lads with ass bandatory behaviour. The ManxLads has been hit by gay boy searches looking for the following in the last month:-

lads showing their knobs at the pool
lads fuck
manx gays
any australian flower arrangers visited uk
blogspot lads gay
car wash lads
gay lads in isle of man
lads tickling
man phost gay
manx film gay
policeman fucks drugged lad

to name just a few. What the fuck is going on Google?

Whatever happened to:-

watch sexcetera
shaven ravers
asda 12 pack of guinness
carwash tits
free carwash tits
how to deal with the bitchiness of women
lion vs tiger
manx girls naked
manx tits
whitehouse pub peel
booze commandos

and all those other good visitors we used ot get?

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