Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Get Paid For Searching The Net

In these times of financial shiteness I guess we could all do with some extra money. A couple of quid here and there woudn't go amiss? It would also be very nice if we could earn this extra money by doing nothing? Walking, breathing, perhaps just dragging our asses out of bed of a morning? Unfortuntaly I haven't found a way of being paid just for breathing yet but what I have stumbled on is a way of earning a few pounds just by searching the internet, something that I guess most of us do just about every day?

Anyhoo, this is as simple a way of sqeezing money out of the internet as I've found. All it involves is you using a new search bar (That's the bar to the right of your address bar on Firefox). This isn't one of those fancy toolbars that install all sorts of crap and kills your computer, there are no ads or spyware things going on. It just adds another search option to the Google, Yahoo and MSN options that are there by default. The cool thing is that because it uses a Meta search of those engines the results you get are also great, or just as good as Googles anyway. It will work with Firefox or IE7, if you don't have those then you can even search using their portnal page. All you do then is use the search bar (or portal page) from My Search Funds to search and they pay you for the pleasure. It's not mega bucks but I'm already up to £3.50 after a couple of days of normal browsing. Once you reach £20 you can withdraw your money, either via Paypal or if you're in the UK direct to your bank account.

Whilst it's not going to buy you a new house it might pay for a few lottery tickets :)

You can sign up and find out more information about My Search Funds by visiting their website here.

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