Monday, May 12, 2008

New Gladiators - Ice

Did anybody watch the new series of Gladiators last night? I was impressed. I was expecting the full on Sky hype machine with maybe 10 minutes of action in the hour but to be fair it seemed to fly by. Anyhoo meet my new favourite Gladiator, ICE Fox!

I think that she might be the reason why Sky invented Sky+.


Anonymous said...

I thought the new show was a bit pony ! Why arnt all the girl glad's fit ??? The new arena was too small, it has a "robot wars" feel to the size of crowd ! I expect so much and it delivered so little !

PaulB said...

Yeah a couple were a bit rough, Battle Axe (Swamp Donkey more like), poor girl. It looks like they've included a fat chick just to be all PC.