Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Solution to the Worlds Food problem

I think I may have stumbled upon a solution to the current world food crises. It's a stunning revelation - but with some persistence and careful monitoring - I think we will be able to feed the world three times over!

Here's the plan. Lads, tell your other half to just buy what they plan to consume. Radical, I know, as weekly shopping bills regularly break the three digit mark (ummm, not including the pences) and the other half seems to need to stock up for the forthcoming Nuclear winter (oh - what a relief they must feel when Thursday comes around and - yet again - we haven't been bombed back to the middle ages).

Instead of throwing away all the food unused, unopened, untried and rotted - we try to purchase foodstuffs we only are going to cook, eat and enjoy!

This'll also save on overflowing bins and seagulls raiding the litter strewn backyards on Monday mornings (thanks binmen!).

It's gonna be difficult, I know. A shift in the paradigm of shopping. But hey, saving the planet is worth it, huh!

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