Thursday, July 24, 2008

MacKenzie - My Daughters A Chav

Number one daughter went on 3 day school trip to Manchester earlier this week. They were staying in the Trafford Centre so a big part of the trip was shopping.

She's come back with a suitcase full of MacKenzie clothes, never heard of this brand (I'm getting old so shove it) so I decided to have a look on the net and turned up this:-

Once all the chav and chavettes have greeted each other in the usual manner (i.e. wos up blood or yo yo yo) they congregate in the foyer of Sainsbury's. Each one taking it in turns to either sit in the baskets, be in the competition to see exactly how many chavs you can fit in one Postman Pat kids ride or how many times can you really wind up the security guard or trolley boy.

The most common chav attire is:

Von Dutch
Le Coq Sportif
Henry Lloyd

For fucks sake!


No one Really said...

That's the sort of attire seen on your estate.
Our exclusive drive it's more Rodeo Drive than TX Max....

PaulB said...

Ha ha, you're even further behind the times than me! There is only one chain of shops in the UK that sells the stuff and it's not that cheap either. I was nearly sick when I found out.

I'd be much happier if she could buy it at TK Max prices :)