Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Just back from Vegas, had an excellent time.The whole place is like buying a great big TV. The scale of it makes you go WOW for at least a couple of days.... then you start to get used to it. Only problem is that it spoils you for life. Don't know if I'll able to stay anywhere now that doesn't clean your room at least twice a day, have a feckin huge casino beneath you and provide free drinks whilst you have a bit of a game of poker or whatever you fancy. Comes highly recommended, everybody was really nice, was brilliant to be on holiday somewhere where they appreciate it and aren't just out to fleece you. Couldn't get over the quality of the customer service.


Flying over the edge and into the Grand Canyon in a helicopter that reminded me a bit of AirWolf.

Being driven around in a stretch Limo by a driver called "Big" Ron who looked just how you'd expect a mafia security/driver to look.

The all you can eat $11 Island Buffet. Who'd have thought that Mash, Steak, Rice, Coconut coated shrimps and sweet and sour chicken would go so well together? Nothing else to say, does what it says on the tin.

Watching the Mac King comedy/magic show. Was great to watch a magician and wonder how the hell he was doing it. Paul Daniels he wasn't.

The Vegas hotels! F'in huge. Each one was like a theme park in it's own right. They get a bit samey after a while but for the first few days you can't believe you're walking around inside. Especially in the Venetian where we went on a Gondola ride. Took 20 minutes just to walk from 1 side of the hotel to the other.

Prices. Everything seemed cheap. Even the expensive things when you divide by 2 into sterling were cheap.

Bad points:-

The number of dinks. It was like the entire populations of China and Japan had decided to turn up armed with at least 3 cameras each. It made getting around a royal pain in the ass.

Ugly women. For every good looking chick there were at least 50 munters. I was expecting all the girls working in the casinos to be stunners, damn you Hollywood!

Whooping frat boys. Cocks.

The heat. We topped out at about 116 degrees. Was a bit like opening the door to the fan oven and trying to breath a lot of the time. After a few days we got used to it though and were strolling around like locals when it went down to 106.

The irony of the entire holiday being that after spending a week walking around in 100+ heat and eating cheap diner/restaurant food from places called Fat Burger my guts stayed in excellent condition. Couple of hours back and feeling hungry after 24 hours of travelling I order a rip-off kebab from Flamming Great and now I've got the screaming shits. It's good to be home.

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