Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Secret To A Good Nights Sleep

Work stress, tick. Home stress, tick. Family stress, tick. The end result is weeks, maybe even a couple of months without a decent nights sleep. That was until last night, all you need is beer.

Five or six pints, put the world to rights and then sleep like a baby, only trouble is I slept in till midday so that's even more work stress now! Never mind, at least I'm not feeling tired anymore.

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Bob Lock said...

Hey Ady,
Came over from Joe Abercrombie's site to thank you for the mention of 'Flames' over there (I apologised to Joe though, hehe!)
As I mentioned on his blog, it made my day :)

I have started the 'Flames' sequel but I'm also trying to sort out a Steampunk novel that just popped into my head, plus a number of shorts that are clamouring to get written down. One has recently been published over on Scifi UK Review, it's here if you want a free read: