Tuesday, September 09, 2008

White Van Man

The local Police, known as the Mickey Mouse police to those in the know. They're not exactly very pro-active to put it lightly.

Take this van for example. Every morning it comes and parks on the zig-zags of a pedestrian crossing where it stops for half an hour. It's a pain in the hole, he conveniently parks it in just the right place that it completely blocks the view of traffic approaching and people wanting to cross the road. Every morning the same. Most mornings there is some sort of incident where either somebody crossing has gambled or a car has approached too fast without being able to see. There is a real somebody getting hurt accident waiting to happen. It's bone idle, there are dozens of parks within a 30 second walk, he's just a lazy twat.

The annoying part (other than White Van Man) is that less than 200 yards down the road is one of the main police stations on the island. All they'd have to do is look out the bloody window.

It's hardly the biggest offence in the world really but it's just a little example. It would take 2 minutes for somebody to nip out and tell him to shift it.

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