Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That's Entertainment

Someone has to comment on the latest non-news item - Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross being abusive on the telephone to old people.

Should they lose their jobs - or are we over-reacting?

Who cares? The key thing is; these two guys are paid Entertainers, they are required to entertain.

Would it be more entertaining if:
a) they apologise and keep their jobs or
b) get sacked and jailed for breaking some Privacy/Obscenity laws?

Of course, it's "b". We'll get months of entertainment out of this scandal; their dismissal, incarceration, release, re-hab and re-integration into the BBC.

Plus, all the saucy stories of the pair of them being asked to pick up the soap. Personally, I find both of them hysterically funny. But, alas, I grow bored easily.

So Entertain us on her majesties pleasure - you lisping, dickless wonders!! It is, after all, your job.


Anastácio Soberbo said...

Hello, I like the blog.
It is beautiful.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from Portugal

PaulB said...

Brand did fuck her though didn't he? So he shags her and then tells her grandad over the phone and that makes it the biggest media circus this year. Hilarious. Not that I wouldn't shoot him if he phoned me up, but then again I'd hardly let any sprog of mine belong to Satans Sluts and chase celebs on Bebo/MySpace.

All I can say is I'm glad that I wasn't famous during my younger more screwed up days if this is what gets you on the front of the papers.