Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Natural Selection in Reverse

Bin Men in my day were something to secretly admire. They were smelly granted yet you had a grudging respect for these men that was left unsaid. They rose early in the morning combing the village and emptying your rubbish (no reuse, recycling in those days). They were hulking muscled men as well as they had to tote large bins crammed full of rubbish up and down lanes and drives and then heave them into the back of the lorry.

Just driving to work this morning and we were held up by the Bin Men (mind you they are probably called Refuse Collection Officers or something like that) and to a man they were all weedy individuals. All the bins now days have wheels, and even when they get it to the lorry, they simply push a button and it’s lifted automatically and emptied.

It’s a shocking state of affairs. Darwin will be turning in his grave. What happens when technology lets them down? How will they be able to cope without the muscular skeleton capable of great feats of strength?

It’s the children I feel sorry for now, for all the bin men have left is the smell!

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PaulB said...

Ours won't even move the bin if it's not left out "far enough". If it's even a little bit on the drive they ignore it. Back in the day our bin men used to carry 2 bins at a time on their back, from the back of our house to the front. Now they won't even wheel it 5 yards.

Maybe we should all start leaving bricks and pig iron in the bottom of our bins to try and help bulk out these scrawns?