Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beckii Cruel

So that video did nothing for me, then again I've never cracked one off with the thought of boning a child looking cartoon character in my head, the same can't be said for the legion of fans in Japan. Look at the target audience for Roricon, it's not exactly young girls! Now they've got a real face to "dream" about, awesome.

To criticise Beckii Cruel (or Rebecca Flint to give her real name) is to criticise the Isle of Man. "Good on her", "It's great for her, it's great for the Isle of Man", "Think of the free publicity". To be fair to the girl no criticism should be put to her, its her dad that needs his head read.

What it's taught me is that it's fine to have our kids pander to any sort of fantasy as long as no nudity is involved. Fuck working for a living, I'm off to see if I can find a lycra horse outfit for my 14 year old, don't worry, I'll make sure she puts tape over her nipples.


Ben Royle said...

Good luck getting a horse outfit. I had to make one in the end. Using a real horse. Well, what was left of it.

Ben Royle said...

Also - your blogroll links to "Free Kiddy Monitoring Software", which has more than one meaning. Just saying, like.