Wednesday, November 03, 2010

This Week I'll Mostly Be Playing

I have a Mass Effect expansion I want to get through although I'll need to start a new profile. Who's stupid idea was it to only be able to launch the DLC from the Normandy? Yeah, OK I don't have any saves before the game sucks you towards the final showdown so I'll take some of the blame.

Following on from that I have Mass Effect 2 winging its way towards me right now, game of the year so can't go wrong. It'll be a toughy to decide which profile to carry forward (damn you Mass Effect DLC)

Finally, Fallout 3 New Vegas should be here by the weekend. Fallout 3 is right up there amongst my favourite games of all time and even with all the bugs I can't wait to play this. Will be nice to see how accurately they've mapped it, going to go back to Vegas in February to compare notes. Can't beat a bit of Vegas.

Once those are out the way the Christmas run up includes

Call of Duty Black Ops
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

This is always a busy time of year when it comes to gaming but fortunately for me I've declared my work year over. Time to unwind and prioritise what does and doesn't get done, I've made my money and can happily say fuck it till next April. Talking of which I'm off to watch Alien 3 Extended Edition on Bluray.

(You'll notice no mention of Fable 3, I know I'm on my own here but I found Fable 2 to be the biggest let down turd of a game I've played in years, and they reckon this one is worse)


Ben Royle said...

Fable 3 kicks fucking ass! Any game that enables the collection of virtual STDs from virtual whores virtually is awesome. Virtually.

You'd hate it :D

LC said...

I'm getting New Vegas at the weekend, although fuck knows when I'll have the time to play it. Fable III looks interesting too, but I've learned that I can only really buy one game every six months otherwise I don't get round to playing it.

I sometimes wish I could get my legs ripped off in a motorbike crash, or get the AIDS, so that I could go on the sick and spend the rest of my life playing all the games that I don't ever have time for.

****** said...

Benji Benji Benji, Dragon Age lets you talk a couple of innocent hot chicks into a threesome. Then the next day you can just dis them like the dirty whores they are. Virtually.

AIDS was my next career choice after being gods gift to software. I'm sort of glad plan A is working out (for now)