Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Fallout 3 New Vegas Review Part 2

I've just finished it, 25 hours of gameplay later and whilst the story doesn't get much better (at least the 1 I played) the bugs seem to settle down quite a lot, or maybe you just don't notice them as much? Overall I had 5 corrupt saves, which wasn't so bad once I'd got into the habit of doubling up.

What I will say though is I can't believe that they made exactly the same mistake as the first game with the ending - you can't carry on with your character! I was a touch over 25 hours for my playthrough, in that time I reached level 20 and did a good amount of side quests. It still took all my effort to beat the big boss (Legate* in my case) at the end of the game so I reckon on normal difficulty you've got to have put in a similar number of hours to finish. BUT then, after you've invested all that time into the game there's no chance of exploring the open world. WHY??? Fallout 3 made that mistake which they corrected with a DLC, why have they done the same with Fallout 3 New Vegas? I completed the game without using any alternative ammo, without making any weapons, without using a single companion - I'd like to see some of that but I really don't want to play the whole game through again, life's too short. Besides which when you start the game there's a lot of parts of the map which are just too difficult to survive in. I'd love to explore the whole map properly with my main story finished character but I'm not allowed, bastards.

Overall Score For Fallout 3 New Vegas - 7/10

*Legate spoiler, how to beat him. I was level 20 on normal difficulty and I can't tell you how annoyed I was getting trying to kill this asshole. It took me at least 50 goes, this was even more annoying because the whole of the final mission was a peice of piss up until then (I don't like games that go from easy to stupidly hard in 1 split second). I had some fairly powerful weapons but he'd just cut straight through my Power Armour with his chopper if he got too close, I only had 6 simpacks so once he was in my face it was all over. Anyhoo, luckily I'd kept all my landmines during the game so what I did was lay them all down in a long line on the path he comes down. Then rather than start a conversation with him I just shot him in the head with a gauss gun, this got his attention and he'd then run down the path towards me, setting off every mine on the way. By the time he'd got to the bottom I'd taken at least 80% of his health off and his legs were crippled. It was fairly easy then to finish him off with a couple more headshots. Once he was out of the way his guards were no trouble.


Ben Royle said...

I like your improvisational boss-removal method. Good work!

See, Fallout 3 was good, but it didn't really click until I started a new game with the intent of being the baddest bastard I could be. Fuck me, being evil in that game was FUN. What's that? I can be a hitman that only kills gays? Done. I can dupe children into becoming slaves while I pocket a billion bottlecaps? Also, done.

What's putting me off New Vegas is the whole factions thing. I hate factions. Whenever I come up against any in a game, I always intend to find one I like and stick with them, and I always end up being hated by them all by accident.

So, my question is - can you be a right cunt in New Vegas, and will it let me kill all the factions?

Ben Royle said...

That was two questions. Sorry.

****** said...

The factions are a bit of a pain in the ass. There's 3-4 wastelander gangs, 2 main military groups plus each town has its own opinion of you. The good news is you can still be a cunt, there's no need to be liked anywhere. Even better you can dress up as a faction, walk into their camp unhindered then strip down to your y-fronts and butcher them all. I became known as the "Y's Of Death", or maybe that was just in my head.

I tried to play the game taking the deicsions I would do in real life. The end result was being hated by about 95% of people, quite realistic then!