Friday, January 14, 2011

Bowing Out

I'm going to call time on my blogging with the Manx lads. Hope you are listening you lazy bastards, that means one or more of you is going to have to write something every now and then? Come on it's not like anybody around these parts actually does any real work?

Reasons are many and varied but boil down to 2 things.

1. The blog is too well known in local circles, it's a small island, there's no way I can really vent on here without shit hitting the fan in any number of directions (Content from this here blog has actually been read out in our local Parliament, fucking seriously!). Bollocks to it, if I can't rant on here what can I do....yes write about other stuff which leads neatly to point number 2

2. There isn't anything non personal (I can't do personal, see point 1) I can write on here that I don't already have a website covering. When I say website I don't mean some half arsed Blogger blog. At the very worst I mean a grown up self hosted wordpress install, at the best I'm talking about something hand built with no more than Notepad, Photoshop and a whole lotta lurve. More to the point though these websites are my living and they demand content. That's the other strange thing, if you are clever enough to follow some of the blog links up there on the right of this page you'll find some amazingly well written, witty blogs. Go on, do it! Compared to those my brain fart ramblings seem insane and I seem stupid. A stupid person who needs a spellchecker. Yet I really do make a living from publishing "stuff" online, not a shitty few quid here, few quid there supplement my benefits living but a real bonifide "holly shit you made how much last month" style living. Have been full time for the last 4 years. Honestly, there is no justice in the world. Right, I'm stopping before this edges towards the area of personal rant.

Over to you lads.

ps To the staff at the gym, yes I know you probably think I'm some sort of dodgy benefits scummer or drug dealer or some other shit, it's a natural conclusion when you look at how I dress and the fact I turn up at 8:45 every morning and am never in a rush to go anywhere! Perk of the job boys and girls. The way you smile and acknowledge all those people in their £60 Next suites, I'll have some of that next time please. Ta.


Ben Royle said...

Fair play mate.

Hold on, what was read out in parliament?! I'm sure the Fallout New Vegas crash bugs were a pain in the arse, but there's no need for legislation against the fuckers.

****** said...

I have but one word - Venda.

Venda Venda Venda Venda Venda. Wank.

@prbarlow - that's my Twitter that is, not that I ever update it, although I might start providing a insight into just how exciting living the dot com lifestyle really is.

Anonymous said...

several things to complain about.

1. The Isle of Man Steam Packet
2. The MEA
3. Our Phone Companies
4. The price of Ramsey Bakery Bread
5. The cost of staying here
6. The Isle of Man Government following rules from Europe turning our Island into a nanny state