Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Manx Telecom are about to up their fixed line rental charge by about 10% (they don't actually tell you this in their literature, prefering to mention the actual cost increase amount, doesn't sound so bad that way) so we've decided to shop around and see what offers there are out there.....oh no hang on a minute - they have a fucking monopoly, there is no competition. When they decide to up their price by about 10% it's like it or lump it, tough shit. Why increase line rental and not call charges, in fact they are reducing some call charges? Simple. Nobody uses their home phone anymore, the only reason most people have a fixed line into the house is for internet access. The line rental charge is the only monopoly MT still hold so it's time to rape it for all it's worth before the games up. MT is owned by a Private Equity firm, shock fucking horror.

Oh and Manx Gas have just announced another price hike as well, just 4 months after their last one. We'll shop arou....oh hang on. Yep you guessed it, and owned by another Private Equity firm. What is it about these Private Equity firms and buying up companies that hold monopoly's in small countries. It's almost as if they see them as a an easy opportunity for ringing as much profit from a population as possible. Don't worry, we've got the Government to help us!

Once again, hang on a minute...

Rape Me Big Boy

And Again

Wouldn't a "normal" company be expected to find finance for its own expansion plans?

Anybody might think that all these fucking circle jerk pricks mix in the same social circles and that the island as a whole is corrupt to fuck to the benefit of the few at the expense of the average working person? Not that I'd ever suggest that of course.

Or maybe living is just getting more expensive.


Steve McIntosh said...

Just come across this blog. Quite funny to read (oh Im manx before you think im a Yank!)

So where do I subscribe? Cant see any RSS feeds or owt.


****** said...

You seriously want to subscribe to this crap? You're a brave man!

The RSS is here:-


Steven said...

Ever thought of migrating to Wordpress of another blogging 'modern' platform? That way you can take advantage of things like fedburner, auto xml, rss, plugins etc. Berats the hell out of the blogger.com anyway.