Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Business Ideas

A lot of the ideas I have are shit. I'll plug away for a while but eventually it becomes obvious that it's just not a goer. My work requires me to have lots of ideas so the fact that so many are shit is of little concern to me. Why?

Because every now and then one of my ideas turns out to be genius. About 8 weeks ago I had one such idea. 7 weeks of hard work later and yesterday it made its first money. Today it has made more money than yesterday. By the end of this month I "should" have recovered most of my costs. By the end of next month I'll be sat on another 90% passive gold mine.

It's going to be another good month :)


car01 said...

It's not microwave kebabs is it?

****** said...

With extra cabbage.

No one Really said...

I swear I have never been the same since that Microwave Kebab!
It's even put me off Istanbul Kebab's and that is the best Kebab place on teh Island.