Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fuck You Sony

I'd like to take a few minutes out of my extremely busy post holiday work schedule to bring you this important message - FUCK YOU SONY.

Thank you very much for being the bunch of useless cunts you are, how about you just stick to making your toy consoles for kids from now on and leave networks and all that nasty complicated stuff to the grown ups. Cunts.

(Credit Card Cancelled)


No one Really said...

My point of view was that they stole 77 million peoples details, the chances of them using my card is slim, also if they do, I can claim it back. Plus I like to think the people that go through all the effort of cracking Sony's security deserve to get some reward. Even if it's for showing how useless it was. So they can have the use of my card for one go. It's virtually maxed out anyway, so they wont get much.

Ben Royle said...

Funny how people have slagged off the Xbox Live system for not being as flexible as Sony's "do what the fuck you like" policy. Xbox Live has been resilient as fuck up to now. Pay £40 a year to subscribe to online access, or get it for free but your details might get robbed by h4x0r5. £40 well spent.