Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Like One of Those Random Facebook Updates

You know the ones, where people rant in a general way without mentioning anything even remotely specific but you can tell that they are pissed off about something, or maybe just lacking attention for a while so they feel the need to update with something/anything. Then everybody fakes interest with "What's up?" and stuff like that in the vain hope of getting the goss about what's going on.

As this stopped being somewhere I could really let rip a long while back please see this post as similar to one of those. I'll save the real fucking unleash for face to face up close and personal, it's so much more fun that way.

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Sagel Friendsmith said...

I couldn't agree more. nothing annoys me more than people who update their facebook status every 5 minutes telling us how they're 'going to the gym,' or 'eating dinner," etc etc... I don't care!! save the status updates for when something funny, interesting, or awesome happens. I don't want to hear about your stuipd day's events otherwise! -Sagel Friendsmith