Friday, June 24, 2011

To Wash or Not to Wash!

Do you remember the old days? You went out for a couple of hours drinking and as soon as you got home all your clothes went in the wash basket as they stunk of cigarettes and “Pub”.

But what is the etiquette now? I had 3 hours in the Pub last night, but as no one smokes, are my clothes ready for the wash or do they see another day of wear?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Metal Detecting

The Beach Detecting Dream

The Reality

You spend 4 hours walking up and down a wind swept beach digging up every tin can that's been dropped in the last 5 years. Then just to add to the joy you discover that every other rock on the beach is actually fucking ferrous, of course you don't realise the full magnitude of this until you've dug up your third boulder and broke your spade. Plus my right arm feels like it's going to drop off and my feet are piss wet through.

But I can think of much worse ways of spending a sunny Thursday morning :)

Update:- I've just found out I spent 4 hours on the wrong beach! Talk about all the gear with no idea. It takes a very special person to mix up 2 of our lovely Manx Glens in such a fucked up way.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Manx Ass Syndrome

You're probably wondering what Manx Ass Syndrome is? It's something that afflicts ladies of a certain age who live on the Isle of Man, ladies who should be in the prime of their lives and at their hottest. Somehow and for a reason that science has failed to diagnose (although the diet of chips cheese and gravy, lager and counting Facebook as a sport, may have something to do with it) they develop a massive fat ass. Some are immune, mainly it seems those from Eastern European descent, it must be in the genes, but for most of the women living on the rock Manx Ass is an inevitable reality. Damn you nature.

As a man you expect there to be certain places that you can go for a break from Manx Ass, like a gym for example. Imagine my shock this morning then when one of the newer personal trainers appeared with what can only be described as muffin chub peaking over the top of her lycras! A personal trainer FFS! It looked like she'd hoiked her ass up over the top of her pants, cunning perhaps but not enough to fool somebody who has grown up surrounded by Manx Ass. If personal trainers aren't safe then who is?!

I can only hope that medical science advances at a pace that those of the next generation aren't going to have to put up with this, cancer, aids (the bad type) are nasty, but there are things much much worse out there.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wipeout HD

Some might say that I'm not really Sony's biggest fan, especially when it comes to the Playstation. When the first one came out I bought a Nintendo 64, when the PS2 came out I bought an X-Box, when the PS3 was released I was far more interested in the X-Box 360. I did get a PS3 but after about a week gave up on the games and only used it for Blurays. My problems with the Playstation were always quite simple, the controller was never designed for western hands and the games were always way over rated. There was nothing on the PS1 that could come close to Ocarina of Time, nothing on the PS2 that could touch Halo and as for the PS3, when you compare the same game between that and the 360 I've never seen a game that plays better (it's a personal choice) on the PS3. Even the Sony exclusives were hyped beyond death by Sony fanboys and whenever I bought them it would end in disapointment (Gran Tourismo 5 - OK'ish, Little Big Planet - shite, Killzone 2 - the only game I've ever smashed up and thrown in the bin).

Keep all that in mind then when I say that Wipeout HD is one of the most enjoyable 20-30 minute blasts of a game I think I've ever played in my life. Everything about it works perfectly, the generous controls, the crisp visuals, the lack of bugs and a soundtrack that whilst not my thing fits perfectly with the game. It's fucking brilliant. And even better Sony are giving it away for free, it's one of the 5 games you get to pick from as part of the Sony sorry package. But there's even one more Brucie Bonus, if' you've got a 3D TV and update to the latest patch then it's also a full on 3D game and it works a damn sight better that GT5 or even CoD Black Ops. It's the best 3D game I've played to date. You can't beat free, unless it's free 3D.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


People on Manx Forums moaning about how the outside world may judge the island because of the TT. That will be the same TT that the island is most famous for (not some shitty Government statistic, I travel a lot and generally it's the only thing people know about the island* when I mention where I come from) and contributes a massive wedge of cash to the pot?

The contribution of Manx Forums to the island? To paint us as a bunch of inbred, wannabe know it all, Grade A fucking idiots, with a collection of about 40 brain cells to share between the lot of us.

When it comes to the TT I'm a neutral, I undertsand it's an important part of life on the island and I like the extra activity going on around the place but on the flip side I could happily live without it. I'm not fussed. As for Manx Forums, I'd be more than happy to see them banned.

* From tour guides in Turkey to sign painters from Alaska.

Monday, June 06, 2011

It's The TT

I think that just about covers our required quota, if you're on the Isle of Man or have a website connected with the Isle of Man and don't mention the TT then you're just not with it. This is our contribution to this years media fest.

In other news, my head still hurts. At what point does a hangover stop being a hangover, instead becoming some sort of brain mentalism? 8 days has got to be some sort of record.

ps You can catch live TT timings and a live radio stream by following the links.