Tuesday, June 07, 2011


People on Manx Forums moaning about how the outside world may judge the island because of the TT. That will be the same TT that the island is most famous for (not some shitty Government statistic, I travel a lot and generally it's the only thing people know about the island* when I mention where I come from) and contributes a massive wedge of cash to the pot?

The contribution of Manx Forums to the island? To paint us as a bunch of inbred, wannabe know it all, Grade A fucking idiots, with a collection of about 40 brain cells to share between the lot of us.

When it comes to the TT I'm a neutral, I undertsand it's an important part of life on the island and I like the extra activity going on around the place but on the flip side I could happily live without it. I'm not fussed. As for Manx Forums, I'd be more than happy to see them banned.

* From tour guides in Turkey to sign painters from Alaska.

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