Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm in Spain, it's very hot and all is well with the world!

The best thing about Spain though isn't the weather, or the way you can get away with living in a pair of shorts, or not shaving but fitting in, it's the don't give a shit attitude. Even though they are right at the heart of that whole EU thing that gets blamed every time the UK becomes even more of a boring shit hole they just don't give a flying fuck about anything. Smoking, drinking, road safety, who cares. As for copyright, what copyright? I've seen more latest release blockbusters in the past 10 days than I've seen in 5 years back home. I'll be buying the ones I liked on Bluray when they come out...strange how that works. If I'd already paid £8 to go to the cinema chances are I wouldn't be buying the £15 Bluray. Saturday I watched the 3pm Premier League games from a pub with full English commentary.

As well as dodgy movies and lazing around the pool it's been a great holiday all around, even the bits of work I've had to do isn't so bad when you can do it from a warm sunny balcony overlooking frolicking chicks in the pool, sure beats the hell out of being locked in a box room looking at a damp cold IOM. If only they didn't hate immigrants so much I could get used to this ;)

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