Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Why I Will Never Give My Credit Card Details To Microsoft Again As Long As There Is A Hole In My Ass

When you combine these bank transactions:-

with the fact my xbox live account is now in the name of somebody called Audrey from Russia who has managed to setup a Live profile without ANY valid information and associate it with my tag. Then when you add in the fact that those points were spent in Russia when every piece of information related to the original account (and the card used for it for fucks sake) specifies UK - all without anything being flagged at Xbox. Then you look a little closer and see that the points were used to buy games already played and completed with that account, and still nothing is flagged. Then when you add in that the password associated with the hacked account has only ever been used with that account, and that it wasn't even fucking changed as part of the hijack. Then just to top it off you have Microsoft denying that they have a security issue when the simplest check on Twitter shows this to be a little more than isloated:-

Xbox Live Accounts Hacked

And then you get to spend an hour racking up phone charges because they are experiencing high demand for support...which have nothing to do with the multitude of cunts who have gained access to other peoples accounts of course ;) At least Sony had the decency to admit there was a problem and turn off their system. Wonder when Xbox will do the same?

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