Monday, March 18, 2013

Fucking Sky

Got rid of it 5 months ago, haven't missed it one bit. 

Every week they phone up asking us to "Come Back To Sky", 2-3 times a week we get an exlcusive "Come Back To Sky" offer through the post.  I got fed up today and phoned them up to say stop it, they wanted my account password, I don't have an account I cancelled it?  They can't change my contact preferences without having my account password, I don't have an account I explained again. 

Except I do.  When you take out a Sky subscription for one of their services they assign you a Sky ID and it is never deleted.  If you sign up for an online account you can see that THEY can see all your details and it is impossible to have this account removed.  You can never ever actually leave Sky, they will just hold on to your details as long as your account is left open, an account you can't close.  Fuckers.  Nice to see the Data Protection Act doing it's job heh?  Somebody should really have a word with them about what information they are allowed to retain and for how long.