Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aliens Colonial Marines Review

I went against all the reviews and bought this when it was on offer through Steam, glad I did.

It is a proper Marmite game.  If you are of the CoD generation then you'll be concerning yourself with the average graphics, limited weapons, non regenerating health (oh no, perish the thought) and dark visuals.  You will hate it.

If on the other hand you remember the earliest days of the FPS genre and/or you happen to think that Aliens is one of the best films ever made then you will forget all that other crap, you'll be far too excited at getting to walk around Hadley's Hope and defend the command centre.  At being able to be killed in a couple of seconds.  Of finding out what happened between Aliens and Alien 3.

There have been plenty of games over the years where people would argue that the graphics weren't important, this game in my opinion is one where a few gameplay issues are equally not important.  If you've got your Alien blu-ray boxed set in pride of place and you've even bought the AvP films then I would strongly suggest you fuck the reviews and pick up a copy of this on the cheap.

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