Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Bookmakers Bitching About Leicester Winning The League?

Massive pay out...blah blah blah

Somebody should ask them how much they MADE in the bets that were lost on people backing the other 19 teams to win the Premier League. You know the teams that were massively backed by huge numbers of loyal supporters?  The Liverpool fans who every year is their year?  The book size for outright Premier League winner is fucking enormous!  I would be amazed if any significant bookmaker lost a single penny on Leicester winning the league.

Sometimes I think that mainstream media understands fuck all about fuck all, yet people just soak it all up.


LC said...

How's it going you lot? Haven't checked in for a while, coz I've been drowning in baby-shit/puke/piss/toys for the past few years and kind of forgotten about the blogosphere. Was just watching some TT stuff and it reminded me to see if you're still trucking, which you appear to be. Cheers lads.

No one Really said...

We are indeed Trucking, however it's mostly coming up with great ideas whilst drinking and then failing to act on them. We should be multi millionaires by now.

Luckily we are all past the young kids thing, and more in to Gaming and Movies and of course drinking.

The TT has been particularly good this year as the weather was been great. Loads of lap records and thankfully very few deaths.

You must come over one year, minus the kids.

****** said...

All good but not much new you can probably tell from the regular updates. You should definitely try and get over for it one year, it seems to be getting more popular year on year. One of the lads has bought a house on the course just past Ago's Leap and I'm sure that between the lot of us we could sort something out to keep you entertained.

Now the shit and puke years are out of the way any thoughts of a blogging come back, I know a certain government worker who shall go unnamed would look forward to having something to read during his regular tea breaks?

****** said...

Looks like the really busy government worker beat me to it ;)

LC said...

These days I get one weekend a year to call my own, which usually gets spent at the Download Festival (drinking myself blind in a tent for three days while some random rock bands play) - but the three lads are getting bigger and easier to manage, so I reckon I'll be able to drag myself over to the TT one year eventually.

Glad to see you're all still doing your thing.