Wednesday, November 02, 2005

20 (ish) Unknown or Obscure facts about me

I have been busy thinking of 20 facts about myself but have given up/ got bored at 14, here goes:-

  1. Two of my most hated words are “use to”.  As in “I use to be able to do something”.  That and “In the past”.

  2. I use the words in 1. far more than anybody else I know which really pisses me of a lot.  

  3. I am a firm believer in respect.  But only respect that is earned.  For example by simply being older than me you will not get my respect.  I know of plenty of people who are older than me whose idea of a hard days work is signing on down at job seekers.  By having a point of view/wisdom/some quota of intelligence/respect for others (who deserve it) I will respect you.  We are all born equal.

  4. I have been to an AA meeting.  I was drunk and it was the low point of my life.  I could not bring myself to feel any sympathy for the people there and so left having learnt a huge lesson in personal choice.  My own personal choice was to control what I drank from that point onwards.

  5. I can be an absolute twat when drunk, I have grown to accept this and I don’t really wake up with the regrets anymore.

  6. My wife and my daughter are everything to me.  I would sacrifice anything and everything in an instant to keep them happy and safe.

  7. I have worked my ass of in every job I have ever had from digging holes to photocopying and everything in between.  All bosses take advantage of me to one degree or another.

  8. A Google search for my name puts me top of the list

  9. A MSN search for “Hotmail” puts my website in second place, only behind  Hotmail is in the top 10 most searched words in history.  I have been learning about search engine optimisation for about a year.

  10. I would make a crap boss, my work ethic is too strong for most people and I would upset a lot of people.  I know this but will always make some other excuse for not pushing myself into management.

  11. I have been successful in every interview I have ever had.

  12. I am easily capable of killing somebody, there would have to be real justification but I would not hesitate if needs be.  Nor would I feel regret.

  13. My wife and my daughter are everything to me.  

  14. I either get on very well with people or have no time for them, there is no middle ground.

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