Monday, November 07, 2005

20 little known things about Ady Hall

Meant to get these posted sooner. However, here's my contribution to the Manx Lads blog.

1 I have a restless nature but do crave to settle.
2 I am both a cat person and a dog person
3 I don’t have many good honest friends
4 And the friends I do have I am unworthy of
5 I’ve had over 20 jobs
6 My middle name is Schofield
7 Whilst I do like children, I have no kids or wife of my own. Therefore family is not a focus for me.
8 And you know what, I have no focus for life
9 I like writing, but am an unpublished wannabe
10 I am colourblind (slight)
11 I have seven tattoos
12 I’m a Sagittarius – and spookily predictable
13 My number one fave film is ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’
14 I’m clumsy. Both in word and act.
15 My first car was a Triumph Toledo
16 My last meal will consist of Goulash Soup starter, cheese-stuffed chicken w/ mashed potatoes, peas, gravy main course, and rice pudding with the skin left on for finshers.
17 I am a hopeless romantic, believe in love at first sight, but am learning to take that second look
18 I like the Trebuchet font
19 I keep giving ‘my stuff’ away.
20 I have two jokes that I come out with every Christmas. The same jokes. Every year. Without fail.

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Donna said...

18. Oh yes. And verdana.